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The Computer Research Institute of Montreal is indekso’s primary source for applied research and technology developments. Originally a technological spin-off and now an affiliate member of the CRIM, indekso has access to leading edge applied developments in the fields of speech recognition, vision & imaging as well as advanced data analytics. > more




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indekso has a loyal domestic customer base that has been using its dubStudio™ software suite for more than a decade. Together, they have processed nearly half a million minutes of video content for the purpose of ADR and dubbing of movies, series and documentaries. In all, it is more than 10 years of digital archives of projects from detection, adaptation and studio recording activities that are available for the validation and tuning of our expert systems and software.

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escrow agent

LOGITAS is an established escrow agent that uses a systematic and recurring deposit process to protect companies’ valuable IT assets. LOGITAS provides enhanced security and protection by verifying and safeguarding a detailed description of the programming environments and tools necessary to run and maintain the deposited code together with copies of proprietary source codes & scripts. This means a stronger protection of the Software developer / Application provider IT assets and a high level of transparency for key stakeholders: its shareholders, creditors and customers. LOGITAS’ user base includes reputable customers worldwide such as Bayer, BNP, Daimler-Chrysler, Fujitsu, Alcatel, Siemens Medical Solutions and Veolia. > more