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ADR (additional dialogue recording)

Using an enhanced teleprompter instead of the traditional «Beep & Wipe», actors cover several cues in the same take, which allow them to stay in character; 35 to 50 lines/h are typical results; up to 70 lines/h achieved with actors that frequently use it. Since many actors can work simultaneously, they can re-enact the scene more easily.


dubStudio™ is the premiere digital solution for adaptation and dubbing of feature films, television series and animation programs.  It automates the detection and calligraphic phase for the dubbing process and significantly reduces time spent in recording studios.


Using speech recognition technologies, indekso identifies associated phonemes to the audio captation to derive mouth movement of characters, feeding data to animation compositing softwares that allows perfect synch of sound and lips.  It is the only solution that provides animators with an avatar to preview the resulting mouth shape during the design stage.  This innovation paves the way to language-specific movie releases.


Uses assisted detection and indexation of cues, combined with systematic shifted entry points, to allow accelerated video content translation, leading to efficiency and quality voice-over material.

close captioning

The Universal Guide Track™, when used early in the overall production process, already combines the original script, the context,  the time budget and the indexation required to optimize this process.

video description

This is a new layer of the Universal Guide Track™, which leverages the context information of the original script to allow producers and distributors to cost-efficiently increase their video description (VD) content base and comply with new regulations.